Customise your website!

These options are FREE if you buy hosting from us, otherwise 10 each.

Online Booking Form
Your customers will be able to contact you via your website.
Click here for an example

The currency converter
Foreign visitors to your website can translate prices into their local currency. This has over 100 different currencies.

Moving banner
Scrolls across the page, it can contain pictures or text.

The mapfinder
This enables your visitors to find you or print a map of your area at any magnification.

The musical background
This helps you to set the scene.

The Language Translator
Your website visitors can translate the text in your website into 11 different languages.

The visit counter
This counts the amount of visitors you have had to your website.

Thumbnail pictures
This enables your website to download quickly and gives the visitor the opportunity to click on your pictures to make them larger.

Website Links
Link to other relevant websites and get links back.

The animated picture
Tell us what you're looking for and we can build your picture from scratch.

The Slideshow
This is handy for anyone who wants to show a lot of pictures.
Each has a "click to enlarge" facility.

The date
This shows the current date on your website.

Snow Picture
Have falling snowflakes over your picture.

Night and Day
Have your picture change from day to night on mouse over.

Water Picture
Rippling water reflections in your picture.

So visitors to your website can leave their comments.

"Pass it on to a friend" link
Your visitors can show your website to their friends with a click of the mouse.

The weather
Your local forecast on your website.

A Forum
This is a live discussion area so visitors can chat to one another.

Coloured Scroll Bars
To navigate up and down on the side of the page.