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What is SEO? SEP?

If you are involved with the marketing strategy of a company site, chances are, you've probably heard the terms, "SEO" and "SEP." These are two of those acronyms that have achieved buzzword status in the marketing world over the last couple years. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and SEP stands for search engine positioning. They essentially mean the exact same thing - the art and science of increasing a site's visibility in the major search engines and directories across a strategically defined list of keyword phrases that relate to products, services, or information offered on your site.

A successful marketing campaign starts not with the engines, but with your own site and with the site's users . There is not a lot of point attempting to seed the engines with links to your site unless you are clear about the services that you offer and who those services are aimed at.If you are just starting, we get involved from the outset and help develop an internet presence that is economical and highly effective.

We submit your site URL to directories. Manually submission to the major search engines and directories. We complete an analysis of your site to help achieve top rankings in the major search engines and directories. It should be noted that it works well.

Choosing the right keywords is an important part of Search Engine Optimization. Before you spend hours optimizing, make sure you're targeting the right keywords. Do you know that the majority of site owners are targeting the WRONG keywords? 1st Position will show you exactly the keywords your customers use, and which ones your competitors use. Then the keyword analysis will help you find the keywords your competition has missed. Optimizing doorway pages with these keywords will dramatically boost your search engine ranking and skyrocket your traffic!

Directories and search engines that accept your submission may require from one day to eight weeks or more to add your listing to their directory.

Every day new directories come into existence and others disappear. While we try to keep up with all of these changes.

Remember 20th century e-commerce? Perhaps you'd rather forget. The days when people threw money at any e-business idea that sounded vaguely plausible are long gone, but they shouldn't be forgotten. Some of those famously ill-fated ideas had merit, but the execution let them down. What would have happened to New Zealand's dot-bombs if their sites hadn't been so bloated and cost so much? Would flyingpig.co.nz still be flying if it hadn't handicapped itself with six-figure software licensing costs each month? What if the pink pig had known that "open source"-based e-commerce solutions offered comparable or better functionality minus the price ?

What if its site hadn't been so painfully slow? The Pig was always going to struggle to stay airborne when its download averaged a weighty 120KB. Who has the time or patience to sit for 20 seconds a page while content loads?